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    Fly ash can also turn waste into treasure
    Time: 2014-03-26

    Waste slag fly ash is the fly ash left after power generation in thermal power plants, thermal power plants, etc., is a kind of industrial waste slag, is the waste that polluted the environment in the past. The research shows that: Fly ash contains more active silicon oxide, active alumina, and calcium hydroxide at room temperature chemical reaction, the resulting products are stable hydrated calcium silicate and hydrated calcium aluminate, these components used in industrial cement and other aspects, can help to harden the mixture, increase strength, its physical properties are spherical particles. The inclusion of minerals is the main reason for the improved workability of the mixture. Therefore, after special treatment, fly ash has become a building material on national key projects. On the one hand, the processing and utilization of waste slag fly ash can avoid the pollution of fly ash to the environment, and on the other hand, the reprocessing and utilization of fly ash waste can also alleviate the pressing pressure on the demand for engineering materials to a certain extent. At present, many power plants at home and abroad have put the reprocessing and utilization of fly ash into use as an engineering project, and for enterprises that develop and produce related equipment, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity to follow the trend. It is understood that Liming Heavy Industry has launched a high-efficiency equipment mill for fly ash processing, and has achieved a certain market.

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