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    Above credit cooperatives invested 24 million to help farmers get rich and develop the transportation industry
    Time: 2014-03-26

    Relying on the characteristics of rich mineral resources, developed calcium industry, relatively stable product processing technology, and good market prospects, the town has 169 calcium product processing enterprises, including: 5 light calcium carbonate enterprises, 5 active calcium carbonate factories, 38 heavy calcium carbonate factories, 48 lime calcium factories, 71 lime kilns, and 2 calcium hydroxide factories. Due to the need to transport more products, the transportation is more convenient, to a certain extent, to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to buy cars and run the transportation industry. In view of this actual situation, the upper credit cooperatives actively support the development of the transportation industry, and give credit support to farmers who have the foundation of transportation and economic strength, so as to find a new bright spot for farmers to become well-off. Up to now, the credit cooperative above Qujiang Rural Credit Union has issued 271 loans of 24 million yuan to support farmers to buy 127 heavy vehicles such as coal King and Steyer, the town has a total of more than 200 large transport vehicles, 300 small transport vehicles, more than 3,000 employees, with an annual output value of 240 million yuan. Recently, Lei Shengguo, general manager of Qujiang District Lei Shi Logistics Co., LTD., said: "The credit union provided me with financial support in time, so that we seized the business opportunity and solved my urgent need." The account manager of the community in-depth understanding of farmers' credit needs, through the investigation found that the upper second village Lei Shengguo has a good transport industry foundation, but has not been able to develop due to financial problems. When I learned about his credit needs, I took the initiative to investigate, handled a loan for him in time, and according to his assets, the credit line was 1.9 million yuan, which helped him achieve rapid development in logistics and transportation, and became the leader of the local car industry. A few days ago, according to the needs of market transportation, he borrowed 400,000 yuan from the credit society above to buy a tank truck to solve the problem of difficult transportation products for local enterprises. Today, the annual output value of Lei's enterprises through logistics transportation can reach more than 10 million yuan, and the tax revenue is nearly 500,000 yuan. By adhering to the principle of "serving farmers and promoting rural economic development", the credit cooperative of Qujiang Rural Credit Union actively adjusts the credit structure and vigorously assists farmers to develop the transportation industry, realizing the "triple win" of the credit cooperative, farmers and the government, producing better social benefits and its own benefits, and leading to the vigorous development of the town's transportation industry. At the same time, it also promoted the rapid development of the third industry such as truck repair industry and catering industry.

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