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    Calcium hydroxide can desulfurize acidic gas
    Time: 2014-03-26

    Nowadays, the rapid development of industry and the discharge of waste gas and wastewater have led to a rapid decline in environmental quality and seriously affected our living environment. Most coal burning factories will produce a large number of flue gas, the sulfur dioxide contained in the flue gas, if sulfur dioxide and water in the air, it will react to produce sulfite, and sulfite is the main component of acid rain, so it will cause more serious consequences. So we have to reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas, and if we want to neutralize this acid gas, we need calcium hydroxide. We know that the chemical reaction between calcium hydroxide and sulfur dioxide will produce calcium sulfite precipitates and water, so that the sulfur content of the flue gas will meet environmental standards, and the Earth's environment will be protected.

    Our factory is a manufacturer of pure calcium hydroxide products, widely used in chemical, raw materials, environmental protection, rubber and other chemical industries. Our factory to create quality by science and technology, integrity cast credibility, to ensure that quality service to provide customers with favorable protection.

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