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    Two production processes of calcium hydroxide
    Time: 2014-03-26

    Calcium hydroxide, commonly known as slaked lime, is a white powdered solid obtained by digesting calcium oxide and water, and is a traditional product of inorganic chemical industry. The manufacture of calcium hydroxide has two kinds of production processes, dry and wet, although the process is slightly different, but the principle is the same, mainly the gray water ratio control there is a big difference. Now introduce two kinds of calcium hydroxide production process, the first is the dry production process: the qualified lime by jaw crusher broken to about 3mm. Through bucket elevator, bin type vibration conveyor into the lime bin. The lime in the silo is quantitatively added to the slaked lime pre-digester by the star feed, which is initially digested under the strong agitation of the stirring rod, and then enters the digester to complete the digestion process. The digested lime is fed into the digested lime silo by the digested lime elevator and the inlet screw conveyor, and then the qualified refined digested lime is obtained by the ash-adding spiral air separator. The refined slaked lime is discharged into the finished slaked lime silo and then divided into packages according to the needs of users. Raw material quicklime is added to the bin by the loader and evenly added to the crusher by the vibrating feeder to break to about 30-50mm. The dust generated in the crushing process is led by the induced draft fan through the dust removal cover of the upper part of the crusher to the pulse bag dust collector outside the workshop. The calcium oxide powder in the dust collector is cleaned once a week.

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