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    The role of calcium hydroxide in chemical building materials
    Time: 2014-03-26

    With the development of the plastics industry, a new type of composite data - calcium-plastic data has been presented in recent years, which is a large number of calcium-containing inorganic fillers, with a small amount of polyolefin resin and other additives, as building data. This material combines many excellent properties of wood, plastic and paper, with heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, cold resistance, sound insulation, shock resistance, easy processing and other characteristics, can replace paper and wood in packaging, building materials, pipes and other aspects. Chemical building materials are light in weight, cheap and easy to process and form, so it is ideal to do doors, Windows, ceilings, wall panels, upper and lower water pipes, stair railings, floors, wire pipes, etc. The development of chemical building materials is very fast, some countries in the world have accounted for 20% to 30% of the plastic consumption of building materials, because it can generally replace steel, wood, so in today's world chemical building materials and steel, wood, cement side by side, collectively known as the "four major materials". Chemical building materials with inorganic filler as the main component, the amount of maximum (up to 95%), the ordinary amount of 30% to 90%, if polyethylene crosslinked foaming, containing calcium hydroxide content of 50% to 60%. Polyester resin products such as glass, corrugated panels, downspouts, sky leaks, and calcium hydroxide are used to reduce costs, adjust viscosity, and improve coating workability.

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