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    Explain the formation principle of calcium hydroxide and introduce the basic knowledge
    Time: 2014-03-26

    Calcium hydroxide do you understand? If you do not know, continue to read the following article! Let's first look at the method of identifying the purity of calcium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide is easy to harden with carbon dioxide in the air to produce calcium carbonate. Therefore, we only need to identify whether there is calcium carbonate in the calcium hydroxide powder to know whether it has deteriorated. First take out part of the calcium hydroxide, add enough hydrochloric acid, if there is gas production, it indicates that it has deteriorated. Another method is that after adding enough water, there is still an insoluble matter, which also indicates that it has deteriorated, because calcium carbonate is insoluble in water. So is calcium hydroxide harmful to the human body? The following interpretation, calcium hydroxide is a white solid, slightly soluble in water, its aqueous solution is often called lime water, is alkaline. It absorbs carbon dioxide and water in the air and thus deteriorates, and is usually said to be water-absorbing. Generally used for construction or acid soil improvement. If the body accidentally overconsumes and absorbs calcium hydroxide, it can lead to serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, internal bleeding, low blood pressure, muscle paralysis, obstruction of the myosin and actin systems, as well as increased blood pH and damage to the internal organs. So when we use calcium hydroxide, we must pay attention, especially for children, and our families must be optimistic. Our common calcium hydroxide is often used to reduce soil acidity, improve soil structure, and make Bordeaux liquid used on fruit trees and vegetables to eliminate pests. It's the most common drug we use.

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