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    Briefly talk about the application of calcium oxide in some fields
    Time: 2014-09-02

    Process flow Calcium carbonate plus hydrochloric acid → acid hydrolysis → neutralization with ammonia water → static precipitation → filtration → Reaction with sodium bicarbonate → dehydration of calcium carbonate → dry → calcination → selection → packaging → calcium oxide

    Calcium oxide is an important raw material for consumption of calcium carbide. Calcium oxide and carbon are melted together in an electric furnace to produce calcium carbide, which is calcium carbide. The laboratory is used for the boring of ammonia gas and the dehydration of alcohol. Foreign high-quality limestone as raw materials to consume calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide, active calcium oxide, heavy calcium powder, active light calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, ultra-fine light activated calcium and other high-quality products.

    Main Uses: for construction, and for the manufacture of calcium carbide, liquid alkali, bleaching powder (preparation: chlorine gas into lime milk 2Cl2+2Ca (OH) 2=Ca (ClO) 2+CaCl2+2H2O) and gypsum,

    CaO+3C= high temperature =CaC2+CO↑

    Easy to react with water, form Ca (OH) 2, create alkaline boring

    Calcium oxide can also react with water to produce a small amount of heat, often used in automatic heating packaging, this product is widely used in rubber, plastics, paper, glass, cable, metallurgy, sewage disposal, desulfurization, daily chemical, paint, coatings, food, medicine, feed, construction and other industries.

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