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    2021 Quzhou Shuntian Calcium Industry Co., LTD. Social responsibility report
    Time: 2022-06-06

    Founded in 2013, Quzhou Shuntian Calcium Industry Co., Ltd. has won the honorary title of national high-tech enterprises, passed the ISO9000 quality system certification and 14000 environmental protection system certification, the basic management has been further improved and strengthened, the environmental protection test has reached the standard rate of 100%, the factory environment is simple and sanitary, the safety measures are perfect, and the energy saving system is strictly controlled. The economic and technical indicators in the same industry are leading.

    Development concept: always adhering to the enterprise vision of "becoming the Alibaba of calcium hydroxide industry"; Enterprise "customer as the sun, struggler-oriented, benchmarking as the guide," Adhere to the talent-based, honest business principles, gather the industry elite, the advanced information technology, management methods and the specific reality of the enterprise combined, to provide enterprises with a full range of solutions, help enterprises to improve management level and production capacity, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition always maintain competitiveness, to achieve rapid and stable development of enterprises, Win the market and respect with integrity, improve the company's internal quality and value with compliance management, and improve the company's management level with information technology.

    Focus on the supply chain: We believe that our progress can not be separated from the cooperation and support of the entire supply chain, the healthy and stable development of the supply chain is the key to achieve the sustainable development of our entire industry. Therefore, we integrate sustainable development into the procurement business and process, while actively fulfilling their own social responsibilities, continue to pay attention to the social responsibilities of suppliers and partners, and promote the sustainable development of the waterproof material industry chain.

    Care for employees: employees are the valuable wealth of the enterprise, is our main force to achieve sustainable development. We adhere to the policy of "safety first and care for employees", comprehensively protect the health and safety of employees during the epidemic period, provide employees with a humane working environment, create an efficient and relaxed working atmosphere, and enhance the happiness of employees; We focus on the career development of our employees, provide them with circular empowerment and multi-channel development opportunities, encourage them to have an open mind and broad vision, actively cope with and manage the uncertainty of the future, and continue to pursue excellence and professional depth with the spirit of craftsmanship; We focus on diversity and inclusion, recruit talents from all over the world, and strive to build Huawei into a business platform that attracts talents of all kinds to work together and share value.

    Contributing to the society: As a responsible corporate citizen, the company always adheres to the concept of giving back to the society, actively exerting its technological and resource advantages to bring positive changes to the local economy, environment and society. We hope to promote the harmonious development and civilized progress of the society through investment in education, public welfare charity and employee volunteer service.

    2021 is an extraordinary year for Shuntian Calcium industry, which is full of challenges and fruitful. Faced with the severe market situation, we actively seek breakthroughs in product manufacturing, technological innovation, intelligent transformation, downstream business development and other aspects, and have achieved comprehensive improvement.

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