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    City leaders came to our district to investigate the transformation and upgrading of calcium industry
    Time: 2014-03-03

    On the afternoon of March 3, Vice Mayor Hu Zhongming led the municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the municipal safety Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments to investigate the transformation and upgrading of the calcium industry in our district. Wu Dongming, Standing Committee member of the District Party Committee and executive Vice president of the district accompanied the investigation.

    Hu Zhongming and his party came to Quzhou Shuntian Calcium Industry Co., LTD., Qujiang District Xianfeng Calcium Industry Co., LTD., Qujiang District Tianwen Calcium Industry Co., LTD., carefully checked the environmental protection facilities, dust removal equipment and other conditions, and the business owners had a face-to-face conversation. Relying on the advantages of rich resources, upper town vigorously accelerates the development of calcium industry, and has initially formed a variety of calcium industry products such as light calcium, heavy calcium, lime calcium. After years of renovation and upgrading, up to now the town a total of 210 calcium industry enterprises, 4053 people employed, in 2013 to achieve a total output value of 1.1 billion yuan, accounting for 62% of the town's total industrial economy, profit 82.06 million yuan, tax 17.61 million yuan. Hu Zhongming pointed out that the upper town calcium resources are unique, complete varieties, the district and town two levels of great attention, has initially formed a certain scale of the industrial chain, and has a certain scale and level of enterprises, broad market prospects. Calcium industry is a sunrise industry, the upper town calcium industry to further strengthen the depth of development, to achieve transformation and upgrading, improve the level of calcium industry, to take the high-end industry, product differentiation, enterprise demutualization, layout of the park, professional management of the road, the calcium industry into a leading industry. Hu Zhongming requested that departments at all levels should unify their thinking and understanding, seize action, and organize entrepreneurs to exchange and learn from foreign experience and methods; It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, establish corresponding working groups, clarify work responsibilities, formulate scientific programs, repeatedly solicit opinions from above and below to form a consensus, and use the program to unify thinking and understanding; To take the initiative to communicate and report, to achieve the urban two levels of joint promotion, to form a force; It is necessary to create a public opinion atmosphere and form a win-win situation through industrial transformation and upgrading. Chen Qingxia

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