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    Lime decomposition calcium hydroxide if accidentally eaten what
    Time: 2014-03-26

    Lime, when cooked is calcium hydroxide, raw is calcium oxide, non-toxic, but it will react chemically. Although lime has a corrosive effect, it is commonly used to disinfect the environment, and strictly speaking, it does not belong to drug materials. So if you really accidentally eat calcium hydroxide, and how to solve this problem, let Shandong calcium hydroxide manufacturer "Hongyuan calcium industry" to tell you how to deal with: First, if you eat this desiccant, because calcium oxide in the process of water into calcium hydroxide release heat, will burn the mouth or esophagus. At the same time, calcium hydroxide is alkaline, corrosive to the oropharynx and esophagus, such as splashing into the eyes will cause conjunctiva and cornea damage. Second, for those who eat this desiccant by mistake, do not induce vomiting, to immediately take oral milk or water, generally adults take 120 to 240 ml, children generally take 10 ml per kilogram of body weight, but the total amount is less than 200 ml, because too much water can induce vomiting. Third, at the same time, we should pay attention to not using any acid substances to neutralize, because the heat released by the neutralization reaction can aggravate the damage. If the calcium hydroxide desiccant is splashed into the eyes, rinse from the nose to the ear with water and saline as soon as possible, rinse for at least 15 minutes, and then send to the hospital. If the skin is polluted, it should be washed with plenty of water, and severe cases can be treated with chemical burns. There is a problem must not panic, according to the principle of calcium hydroxide to the right medicine.

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