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    85% calcium oxide

    1, Molecular formula: CaO

    2, Molecular weight: 56.08

    3, Physical and chemical properties: white block (or powder), no peculiar smell, absorb water will become calcium hydroxide, easy to absorb moisture, short storage period.

    4. Uses

    This product is widely used in flue gas desulfurization, wastewater treatment, moisture absorbent for plastic products, moisture-proof agent, organic chemical synthesis, organometallic smelting and other fields.

    5, Main control index:



    Calcium oxide content %


    Iron (in terms of Fe) content %≤


    Magnesium oxide (in terms of MgO) content %≤


    Magnesium and alkali metal content, %


    Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter content, % ≤



    Residue on aperture 200 mesh screen , %



    6, Packing method: 25kg/bag, woven bag lined with double inner film bag.

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