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    Calcium hydroxide (Normal grade)

    1, Molecular formula: Ca(OH)2
    2, Molecular weight: 74.096
    3, Physical and chemical properties:
    Yellow-white powder, odorless, tasteless. This product is a strong alkaline substance, with irritating and corrosive effects. Inhalation of this product dust, has strong irritation to the respiratory tract. Can cause chemical pneumonia. Eye contact is strongly irritating and can cause burns. Accidentally falling into the slaked lime pond can cause extensive corrosion burns. Long-term exposure can cause dermatitis and dermatitis ulcers.
    4. Features and uses
    The main application is environmental neutralizer, sludge drying treatment, and in the roadbed project has plate properties, the strength is higher than that of sand and gravel pavement. It has a certain degree of water stability and frost resistance, and the initial strength is low, but its strength increases with the age period for a long time. large shrinkage, easy to crack; Lime granules are suitable for the base layer of secondary and secondary highways and urban secondary roads, and can also be used as the base layer of pavement at all levels. At the same time, in agriculture: the preparation of Bordeaux liquid is made of lime milk and copper sulfate aqueous solution in a certain proportion as a pesticide, which is through the copper element to eliminate diseases and pests; Change the acidity and alkalinity of the soil to add an appropriate amount of hydrated lime to the soil, which can neutralize the acidity, change the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, use calcium hydroxide to neutralize the acid in the syrup in the sugar production process, and then introduce carbon dioxide to make the remaining calcium hydroxide become precipitate and filter out, so as to reduce the sour taste of sugar.
    5, Main control index
    Serial number Item Index
    1 Calcium hydroxide (on a dry basis) ≧%.
    Residue on 200mesh screen ≦%
    Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter ≦%.
    Moisture ≦%.
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