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    Calcium hydroxide (Environmental protection)

    1, Molecular formula: Ca(OH)2
    2, Molecular weight: 74.096
    3, Physical and chemical properties:
    White powder, odorless, tasteless. This product is a strong alkaline substance, with irritating and corrosive effects. Inhalation of this product dust, has strong irritation to the respiratory tract. Can cause chemical pneumonia. Eye contact is strongly irritating and can cause burns. Accidentally falling into the slaked lime pond can cause extensive corrosion burns. Long-term exposure can cause dermatitis and dermatitis ulcers.
    4. Features and uses
    Can be used in rubber, petrochemical additives, such as the petroleum industry added to the lubricating oil, can prevent coking, sludge deposition, neutralization and anti-corrosion, generally the production of lubricating oil manufacturers need to use, but the amount is small. In the electroplating industry, bleaching and dyeing industry, it is used to improve acidic sewage, neutralize PH value. After years of supply experience, it is known that calcium hydroxide must be used to treat sewage in the electroplated alumina industry, otherwise the aluminum will exceed the standard. At the same time, it can be used for flue gas desulfurization or waste incineration in thermal power plants

    5, Main control index
    Serial number Item Index
    1 Calcium hydroxide (on a dry basis) ≧%.
    Residue on 200mesh screen ≦%
    Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter ≦%.
    Moisture ≦%.
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