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    Calcium hydroxide (Quality industrial grade)

    1, Molecular formula: Ca(OH)2
    2, Molecular weight: 74.096
    3, Physical and chemical properties:
    White powder, odorless, tasteless. This product is a strong alkaline substance, with irritating and corrosive effects. Inhalation of this product dust, has strong irritation to the respiratory tract. Can cause chemical pneumonia. Eye contact is strongly irritating and can cause burns. Accidentally falling into the slaked lime pond can cause extensive corrosion burns. Long-term exposure can cause dermatitis and dermatitis ulcers.
    4. Features and uses
    Chemical raw materials, additives, auxiliary, filler leather, metallurgy, coatings, food, medicine, feed, etc. Manufacture of organic chemical products such as epichlorohydrin, glyphosate, calcium-based grease and the synthesis of high-grade organic calcium such as calcium stearate (stabilizer and lubricant for various types of polyvinyl chloride), calcium naphthenate (drying agent for varnish, adhesive, etc.), pesticide emulsifier, organophosphorus, pesticides and additives of calcium lactate and calcium citrate. It is also widely used in the sewage treatment industry, according to the current national environmental protection policy impact, the sludge disposal cost generated after sewage treatment is extremely high, so most sewage treatment enterprises choose high-quality industrial-grade products.
    5, Main control index
    Serial number Item Index
    1 Calcium hydroxide (on a dry basis) ≧%.
    Residue on 325mesh screen ≦%
    Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter ≦%.
    Moisture ≦%.
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